The Capsules - Live at The Garden of Eden

Located 16 miles north of Interstate 70 in north-central Kansas, Lucas is home to Samuel Perry Dinsmoor's incomparable statue garden, home and mausoleum. Lucas has "the most unique home for living or dead on Earth." S.P. Dinsmoor, a retired schoolteacher, Civil War veteran, farmer and Populist politician, began building the Garden of Eden and Cabin Home in 1907 at the age of 64. For 22 years he fashioned 113 tons (2,273 sacks) of cement and many tons of limestone into his unique "log" cabin with its surrounding sculptures. He opened his home to guests, conducting tours on the first floor and through the yard from 1907 until a few years before his death in 1932. Now owned and operated by a group formed to preserve it, the site is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and welcomes more than 10,000 visitors annually. (source:

The Garden of Eden is a really cool and spooky place. It's sort of a legend in the Kansas City area, so when we were given approval to record a few live tracks there, we went for it. We set up on top of the "car shed", which sits at the base of one of the large sculptures which you'll see a lot of in the photos and video. It's also only about 15 feet from S.P. Dinsmoor's mausoleum (the large pyramid structure). Yes, he's still housed there, and yes, visitors can still view him in his glass tomb. Naturally, cameras are not allowed in the mausoleum.

The entire show was completed in a couple hours, including set up. We played all three songs through twice, recording them both times and picking the best take when we got home. We set up 7 microphones (2 overhead drums, 1 kick drum, 1 bass, 1 guitar, 1 vocals, 1 sampler) but unfortunately one of the machines malfunctioned and we were only left with half the mics (1 overhead, 1 bass, 1 guitar, 1 vocals). It turned out to not be that big of a problem though, the large condenser mics we were using picked up EVERYTHING so we got a pretty good "room mix" between the four.

We had a great time at the Garden of Eden and want to thank the folks of Lucas, KS for their incredible hospitality. We even landed in the local paper about the show which was awesome. We definitely encourage anyone who's out and about in Central Kansas to stop by. It's an experience you'll likely never forget. For more information, please visit:

The Capsules at The Garden of Eden